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Holiday Store Referral

2023 Holiday Store Information:

     The Angels in the Outfield filled nearly 1,200 holiday bags for youth in our community last year! We decided to fill bags for families when they arrived at the store to ensure pick-up of the items. However, this caused long wait times on opening day which was stressful for our volunteers and difficult for our recipients. As a result, our volunteers will be shopping and preparing each family's items for pick-up prior to the store opening.
     Each child will receiv
e pj's, a winter coat, and 4-5 toys/gift items.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not give gift cards, clothing, or video game items. Suggestions for items on the referral form are simply to guide our volunteers to do the best they can to provide items the kids will love! We rely mainly on donations from the community and do our best to give items to each kid that they will enjoy. Please list as many items as you can think of that your child might enjoy so that volunteers have a variety of things to look for when filling their bag. 

     Within a week or so of your referral being submitted, you will receive a confirmation number for that child or family. This confirmation number needs to be given to whomever will pick-up the items at the store. This email will also include the store address.


Referral pick-up times will be:

December 21st from 3-6pm 

December 22nd from 9am-Noon & 3-6pm 

December 23rd from 9-11am


     Recipients may choose any of the dates/times that work best for them to come pick-up their items. If you are a caseworker picking up for multiple families, contacting us ahead of time for a pick-up allows us to pull your items ahead of time and have them ready.  



The family's confirmation number will be the "ticket" into the store for pick-up. 


Items suggested on the referral form are not guaranteed. We do our best to provide items kids will love based on our inventory/donations.



When filling out the form, the field for one child will appear at a time. After you complete all of the sections for one child, another field will be generated for the next child (up to 8 children). Only fill out for the number of children you are referring, leave extras blank.


Referring Party Information

Recipient's Information

Thank you for your referral!

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